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Subject: Me and my Jupiter-4

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2002-08-02

Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 00:54:21 +0200
From: "Roger Amdahl" <ra@...>
Subject: Me and my Jupiter-4

I have to say I agree with Chris here.

I value originals far more then modified items. As I mentioned in an earlier
post, when I bought my JP4, I also could have opted for one fitted with a
Kenton MIDI kit. The synth was nice looking (I only saw pictures at ) and I am shure it worked OK too. But even so I went for the
original, wich also was very nice.

I understand all of you experimenting with control voltage, gate, MIDI and
its like too. It sounds very interesting. I do not have a clue what on earth
you are talking about though.
Voltage Controlled Oscilliators, VCF, VCA, LFO and I could have written a
bunch more, was neither in my english nor in my norwegian dictionary just a
couple of months ago ; )

I love my Jupiter-4. I run it through a Laney monitor with a 15" and a horn
+ 150W Amp. It sounds amazing. I get so fat deep and loud basses I get all
energized. I also think I get really nice resonating sounds too. Of coarse I
get tons of crazy, but cool sounds too : ) As I have read, the LFO can get
real slow, and I think it almost get this phaser like effect
on fat hard bass sounds. On top of that I can add some buildt in chorus and
the sound almost get liquid, and just float away. Or maybe it's just me
having some of my first analog synth experiences , ) I even think I get some
nice string and lead sounds out of it as well.

Even so, I feel the urge for more synth. One to hook up with my PC, but I
also want more real analog to let out the creativity. I like to experiment
with the faders and knobs on my JP4, and I really would like a Jupiter-8.
What other alternatives are there (this is a serious Question)? The MiniMoog
is high up on my wish list being just the MiniMoog.
What about synths like, and I do not mean the $, the Arp 2500, 2600, Roland
system 100, 100m, 700, the large moog and other modulars. What kind of music
can you use these instruments. The "need to have" syndrom is present, but
what can I do with 'em?

Are the SH-1 or maybe the MiniMoog only bass synths? I have not read too
much of the SH-5, witch I think looks very impressive, and I would actually
loved to have one. What can it be used for?

I have not searched the archive yet, I guess I would find some info if I

See you later ...