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Subject: Jupiter 8

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2002-05-07

Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 17:54:11 +0200
From: "Henrik Stolpe" <031.419450@...>
Subject: Jupiter 8

Hi analog friends ( I assume that you hav more than two operational states)

I am considering buying, or rather: I am in desperate need of, a jupiter 8!
I currently own a REV2 Prophet 5, a minimoog and other less interesting
Some sources said that they were a bit dissapointed with the mighty JP8,
after they bought it.

I know that this is a common problem, when buying things you haven played
and which merits has been exaggerated in various media. But, I would like to
ask you JP8 owners a few questions.

Does the JP8 have a good bass response and a nice low end? Even when

How does the crossmod track the keyboard, terribel as in minimoog, or OK as
in Prophet?

Is the brass fat and warm in 12DB mode?

REV2 P5 owners, I have heard that the REV2 P5 is much rougher and more
alive, what is your asessment?

Does it really only have one LFO, not a separate performance section LFO as
the JP6?

Is the LFO fast enough for audio modulation?

Is it at all possibel to mimic a swept BPF, by sweeping the LPF and having
the HPF in the middle? :)

What about reliability, which things go first....?

Are there any problems in midifying early revisions?

Thansk for your time :)