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Subject: RE: [Roland_Jupiters] Digest Number 266

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2002-04-02

Hello Ryan,

~ Just got an MKS-80. I wonder, can anyone point me to some patches
~ that I could download... I need a little direction with
~ programming... or could people do a patch dump and post your current
~ sounds in the files section? I'd like to see whats on yer synths
~ right now!

Don't you have the programmer? It really makes programming a breeze!
Personally I hate working with menus within menus within menus...adjusting
values with the same knob...

What I hear is that the Jupiter 8 and the MKS 80 should produce
interchangeable program-data from the tape-out. I haven't tried it yet, but
why don't you? I do have some JP8 patchbanks somewhere...recently downloaded
some... I'll put them on the files section as soon as I have the opportunity
to. And please let us know if (and how) it works!

~ Do the MKS-80 Super Jupiter VCOs distort easily? I just got one so
~ I'm a bit paranoid but... I noticed the output of the synth appears
~ to vary a little bit and I get some strange distortion when playing
~ chords... It's not distortion in my mixer, (I hear it through the
~ headphone jack) and seems the H-M-L position and Volume slider
~ position don't make much difference (though it's less apparent when
~ the volume is lower). So if anyone has experienced anything like
~ this and can help me set aside my fears please offer feedback.

It might be your filter that's producing ome nasty raffles in your sound.
Check the cut-off and resonance values to see if that works for the sound.
If not, check the speed of your ADSR on the VCA-settings; this sometimes
also produces some distortion (click-noise). If none of these things help,
check every output seperately with a headset. THis should at least enable
you to detect what output is distorting; they hardly ever are faulty all
together at the same time.

~ Oh, and I've been geeking out with today and it's been on for about 12
~ hours straight, could have something to do with it?

Duh! Well, as a part-time engineer I can assure you YOUR EARS DO GET TIRED
ofter some 3 hours of continuous carefull listening. ;-)

Cheers and good luck!