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Subject: Re: Jupiter 6 Problems

From: fs1r@...
Date: 2001-10-27

Thanks for the help guys. I had already checked and reseated the
connectors though and it made no difference.

Thanks anyway though.

--- In Roland_Jupiters@y..., fs1r@h... wrote:
> I need some help. For a while now my jp6 has had an intermittant
> problem where in poly or unison mode every 6th voice would crackle
> change volume at random. After about 20 minutes it would usually fix
> itself and be perfectly alright.
> Well today I turned it on for the first time in 2 weeks and almost
> entire thing is frozen with no sound. The Bender board seems to be
> fine with the rate light changing appropriately, and same with the
> rate light, but everything else is locked solid. No buttons work,
> there's no sound, the main LFO rate light is on but not blinking and
> not changing speed like the others, and it just seems as if the
> thing is frozen. I turned it on again a little while ago and it was
> back to normal and working fine, although the main LFO was lit
> constantly, so I turned it off and then it froze again.
> Does anyone have any ideas, or can anyone with the service manual
> me if there's a procedure to get it into some kind of test mode?
> Thanks in advance.