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Subject: FW: [AH] jupiter 8 retro fit

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2001-03-22

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From: Brian Castro [mailto:analog_heaven@...]
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 3:00 AM
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Subject: Re: [AH] jupiter 8 retro fit

The Kenton kit is fairly easy to install if you have a little experience
with that sort of thing. Also check out the Encore Electronics retrofit. You

can download the PDF manual for each on their correspondiong websites, and and take a
look at what it entails.
I am very happy with the Encore kit. The JP-8 does not have a robust power
supply for the design so there's not too much additional horsepower there.
The Encore kit was designed very well and the JP-8 works perfectly with it dimming lights, unexpected restarts, etc. I have heard of a
few problems with the Kenton kit in this regard. Maybe others on the list
with that kit will respond.

Regarding the JP-8 I have designed a website specifically for the JP-8 and
it will go online in 5 to 6 days. It is a complete JP-8 resource center with

everything from FAQ to General Info, History, Pics, Patches, samples, JP-8
related links, and most importantly direct download of the JP-8 manual and
service manual in PDF format....and more...

Brian C
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