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Subject: FW: thank you mate!

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo_Verschut@...
Date: 1999-07-15

Does anybody know how to treat this problem? Please help this guy.


At first I would like to thank you for the price list you?Gve sent

Well, if I'm free to ask about JP-8, so I?Gll start :

I want to play music through Jupiter-8 so that I can filter the
music. ( I hope that you understand what I mean.)

My best friend , Tommi Nylund from Tampere city, told me that
I?Gll have to plug my CD player in JP-8's External Control VCF,
then plug the synth into my mixer and last plug the mixer in
the "Mic" on my CD player.. is this a correct way for connec
ting the leads..?

Also I?Gm stunned about how to write my own patches in to
the memory... I know that the "Memory Protect" switch should
be in it's off position, and then I?Gll press "Write" and the sound
will be stored into patch I?Gve chosen... but there's a problem.
I have stored a sound in the memory. The keyboard mode is
"Splitted" and in the lower two octaves plays a resonant
sweeping synth sound, and the rest of the keyboard plays
the usual "theremin" sound. Now, I've stored these settings
to the memory by switching the "memory protect" off , then
played the sounds and pressed the number buttons. After done this I switch
the "memory protect" on again.

Then, after few seconds ( 5 sec.) I switch the synth on again
and wait that it tunes the VCOs. I select my patch from the
patch memory, but it doesn't sound like it used to. There's
only the basic sounds I've used for the sweeping synth sound
and the theremin sound.. none of the settings haven't been
stored with the sounds... why is this happening?