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Subject: FW: [AH] WAS: [AH] JP-8 and more NOW: OPINION

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2001-02-01

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From: Jon O'Donnell [mailto:gods.own.prototype@...]
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2001 10:12 AM
To: Kelly
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Subject: Re: [AH] WAS: [AH] JP-8 and more NOW: OPINION

I have to agree kelly even though analog is da shiznit. I still like
VA and D∗g∗t∗l. But I except them on there own basis. I would never buy
a insturment to mimick something else EG another synthesis format or a
guitar if you want a guitar sounds then buy a guitar if you want analog
synth sounds then buy them not VA.

I my get my ass verbally kicked for this but some of the d∗g∗t∗l and
VA stuff sounds good. Take the waldorf microwave, the roland D-50,yamaha
DX-7,access virus. All have there strong points in music
composition. But I will never ever buy something that says groove on the
case or is the name sake of past synths.

"F∗∗K D∗G∗t∗l the world belongs to the analog loyalist"<--- (saw it on a
T-Shirt Cool eh)

Kelly wrote:
> > > Bring your JP-8 to a friend with i.ex the Virus TDM plug-in and play
> them
> > > side by side... I think you´re about to experience a minor shock!.
> >
> > yeah cut back the layers of fx and you will be in even more of a shock!
> ∗∗∗CAUTION, WARNING, the following contains unadulterated OPINION∗∗∗
> heh heh heh.. so true. The mask of effects sure can hide the truth of
> thats why most have it built in. I was playing an MS-2000 at the music
> store recently and, although I was only on it for about 15 minutes, I
> not even see how it was possible to turn the effects off. It certainly
> wasn't right up front. I've had a few pints this eve, so I'll go ahead
> say what I really mean: I started buying analog because it was easy to
> and I loved the sound, its unique. Its SO good in fact, thats why virtual
> analogs even exist, if you love your _ _ _ _ (<---insert VA here) you
> thank Bob. Analog is my favorite sound (if you haven't guessed). Digital
> does not cut it, not even close. I found the MS-2000 "interesting, looks
> good, blah blah" </niceties> lame. I am biased though, I appreciate the
> vibrant, rich, full, lively, animated, colourful tones that only analog
> provide... my mind is open but there is nothing out there to match it. I
> think picking on "virtual analog" is fair game. Nobody analog made a
> virtual digital. (pre-emptive strike: hybrid never tried to imitate the
> sound of digital, just the ease of use/stability). The beauty of the
> "some day they will get digital to be as good" argument is that 'someday'
> might be 'as good', but as an imitation, it can never exceed the original,
> the standard by which it measures itself. If it ever got so good that
> nobody even wanted an analog synth, then they would have to call it....
> WHAT WOULD THEY CALL IT??? (hey, if theres something better than anlog,
> alllll ears, the same ears that tell me the opinion your reading now by
> way :-) In the mean time, I'll just hang on to my appreciating, and
> appreciated analog boards, the great inspiration of my creativity. And my
> DX-7, what the heck. For all of you who thought a 2600 was too expensive
> $1400US 4 years ago, you should have caved in then. Hey, now that
> 2400+ you still might be getting a bargain by 2005 standards. Better hop
> on-board now! I'll bet the Nord 5 still won't match its sonics. hee hee
> hee...
> Thanks. This may not have been the most diplomatic announcement, but I
> just felt like singing the praises at this very moment, and you people
> the ones to whom it may concern, THANKS!!! W00T!
> ∗ .,:3Õ3∗+ .
> + ,d$$P`. .
> . j$$$X
> .p$$+-. .$$$$ . `+ +
> '$$s i$$$s ^b.
> i$$$ '?$dx, `$b. .
> Y$& . + $$m l$$;
> -+$. $ '+,$$bY$$$'
> ~ontrol' `i$oltage
> ':' `Y$$/ .
> ' `%
> K e l l y . "