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Subject: FW: [AH] Re: JP-8 and more

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2001-01-31

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From: Brent A. Busby [mailto:brent@...]
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 8:03 PM
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Subject: Re: [AH] Re: JP-8 and more

You know, up until now I've been staying out of this, but I just thought,
as someone who actually bothered to go through the trouble to get a JP-8,
and even install the aforementioned Encore implant, I'd throw my own two
cents in regarding why people bother with analog.

As for myself, I wasn't just trying to get ∗a∗ great sound. Not
any great sound, a particular great sound. The timbre of the JP-8 is easy
to fall in love with, and it's immediately recognizable when you hear it
unless it's obscured by something in the mix. Once you know what it
sounds like, you will seldom fail to recognize it on a recording again.
This, to many people who own classic analogs, is the real reason they
bothered: It's not just a good sound, it's ∗that∗ good sound.

I have to admit I've never bothered to check out the JP-8080. I
have played the JP-8000 though, and frankly, from the sound of what I was
hearing, I felt like I was playing a DX-21 with sliders and built in
effects. I sure can't say necessarily that either one of them is not
capable of some great sounds though because a few minutes spent twiddling
is no way to judge it, but I'm pretty reasonably sure neither one of them
is going to get mistaken for a real JP-8 anytime soon, nomatter how
otherwise good of a patch you might be able to coax from them.

What's more, some analog synths are more particularly able at
being hard to model than others. For instance, if someone told me they
had a VA device that did a good emulation of an OB-X or OB-Xa, I'd
∗really∗ want to have some of what they were having. Often it seems it's
synths such as these that don't really have a lot of routing options that
have timbre that's just not available from any other machine. And if you
want that timbre, don't think you're going to just model the OB-X.

And to add to what one other JP-8 user said, mine is not going up
for sale ever... Its substaintial weight will make my keyboard stand
drive holes in the living room floor over the centuries before I ever get
rid of it. <lol>

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