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Subject: FW: [AH] WAS: [AH] JP-8 and more NOW: OPINION

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2001-01-30

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Subject: Re: [AH] WAS: [AH] JP-8 and more NOW: OPINION

on 30/01/01 08:57, Kelly at controlvoltage@... wrote:

> ∗∗∗CAUTION, WARNING, the following contains unadulterated OPINION∗∗∗
> heh heh heh.. so true. The mask of effects sure can hide the truth of VA,
> thats why most have it built in. I was playing an MS-2000 at the music
> store recently and, although I was only on it for about 15 minutes, I
> not even see how it was possible to turn the effects off. It certainly

This is ignorant, I don´t know about the MS2000 and effects but there most
certainly is _not_ much effects with i.ex the Virus synth and certainly not
the way you describe... it´s a "regular" delay and chorus which you can
easily turn off... does nothing more good/worse to a sound than outboard
delay/chorus effects does to your analog beats.

> wasn't right up front. I've had a few pints this eve, so I'll go ahead
> say what I really mean: I started buying analog because it was easy to
> and I loved the sound, its unique. Its SO good in fact, thats why virtual
> analogs even exist, if you love your _ _ _ _ (<---insert VA here) you
> thank Bob. Analog is my favorite sound (if you haven't guessed). Digital

Well guess we need to than mr Einstein first then?.... seriously... What did
Moog/Roland/ARP/name-a-company do in the 70/80´s ??? they copied and stole
ideas from each other all the time.... what direction did they go?... None
of the companies stayed in the analog domain... digital where the results.

Don´t get me wrong because I truely love analog synths but the VA´s do
compete these day´s.

> does not cut it, not even close. I found the MS-2000 "interesting, looks
> good, blah blah" </niceties> lame. I am biased though, I appreciate the
> vibrant, rich, full, lively, animated, colourful tones that only analog

Only Analog can do?... go check out a few of the more known VA´s today and
I´m sure you will agree that (no matter if interface sux) you will go back
on that opinion.

> provide... my mind is open but there is nothing out there to match it. I
> think picking on "virtual analog" is fair game. Nobody analog made a
> virtual digital. (pre-emptive strike: hybrid never tried to imitate the
> sound of digital, just the ease of use/stability). The beauty of the
> "some day they will get digital to be as good" argument is that 'someday'
> might be 'as good', but as an imitation, it can never exceed the original,

I don´t agree... I think a few VA´s allready does things better than the
analogs (in the same class that is).

> Thanks. This may not have been the most diplomatic announcement, but I
> just felt like singing the praises at this very moment, and you people
> the ones to whom it may concern, THANKS!!! W00T!