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Subject: FW: [AH] Jupiter 6 vs. JP-8000

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo_Verschut@...
Date: 1999-06-28

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Subject: [AH] Jupiter 6 vs. JP-8000

Greets List!

I currently own a Roland JP-8000 which I love to death, with some minor
qualms... the qualmiest of which being it's crispy crackly digital sound,
especially the jagged steps I hear when I sweep the filter, adjust OSC2
pitch, sweep the cross-modulation on the oscillators, or any number of
other tweaky things that would sound great if they were just SMOOTHER.
Also it gets pretty artificial when you deal with high-frequency sounds.

I am thinking of purchasing a Jupiter 6 to replace the 8000. Looking at
the rundown of features on Hyperreal, I think a Jup. 6 is a reasonable
feature-to-feature competitor to the 8000, only analog. I am curious if
anybody has experience with both synths and could let me know if this is a
good plan. Specific questions include: are the oscillators truly analog
or are they digital? Will it stay in tune better than my Moog? Do the
features I listed above actually sound better than the 8000? Does it come
in blue? Can it fly and cook waffles? Will my mother love it more than
she does me?

Any thoughts on this matter are appreciated.


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