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Subject: FW: [AH] MKS-80 w/PC-1600x ??

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2001-01-15

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Subject: Re: [AH] MKS-80 w/PC-1600x ??

>> I'm using a PC-1600x, a Rev. 1 MKS-80, a Studio 5LX, and running OMS
>> 2.3.8 and Cubase Audio XT 3.0.7 PPC on an 8100/110.

>> Yes, thank you, that solved the problem. When I connected the PC-1600x
>> directly to the MKS-80 everything worked fine. "STUPID @$%#&!! OPCODE!!"
>> Yet, I swore to soon. The Studio 5LX wasn't the problem.
>Actually I have Studio 5LX now (and a Studio 4 before it when I was
>messing with the Peavy which shares most oif the 5's concepts). The
>thing is the manuals are kind of thick and get into all kinds of obscure
>features not how to get something simple running. This might be your
>problem, I know I've run into other people on the net who like I did
>essentially thought the same---

The Studio 5LX works fine without Cubase, using a patch that sends the
output of the PC-1600x to the MKS-80. However, with Cubase and a blank
patch the data doesn't thru properly.

>> As it turns out, Cubase is the problem. It's clearly buggy. It can
>> record parameter values from 0 to 100, it can play back parameter values
>> from 0 to 100, but it can't thru parameter values from 0 to 100 (or play
>> them while recording). This doesn't come as much as a shock as one would
>> think. Until version 3.0.7 Cubase couldn't even record SysEx through
>> OMS.
>> "STUPID %$#@&∗!! STEINBERG!!!"

> The MKS I believe echos the SYSEX back out it's MIDI out so you want to
>be very wary if you have the midi out on the MKS going to back into the
>MIDI interface.

In mode III (SysEx mode), my MKS-80 seems to echo everything thru its MIDI
out -- notes and all. Occasionally it spits a string that screws up my
PCM-80. So I have mine disconnected.

>I don't know whats going on with cubase but I'd think it would just
>record the sysex or not or choke, not interpret it to filter out values
>burried in a Sysex string without a lot of special code.

You would think so, but apparently that isn't the case. Cubase seems to
record and playback SysEx without problems, but it can't thru the same
exact data. I assume that as far as the Studio 5LX "sees" the data coming
from the Macintosh, it would not distinguish between recorded data being
played back by Cubase and data being passed thru Cubase. So Cubase must be
at fault.

>We aren't talking about CC#s where this sort of filtering is commonplace.
>The parameter values for the MKS contained in the SYSEX are within a string
>of several bytes which changes from company to company, I don't think
>its realistic that Steinberg is saying hey lets interpret this whole
>sysex string unique to the MKS just to drop the higher values but leave
>the rest alone so it still makes the MKS respond, something more messed
>up is going on.

I don't think its specifically intentional, although I agree something
messed up is going on!! It's only intentional in that Steinberg makes more
of an effort to market new features than fix existing products. Nor do I
think Cubase is interpreting the data. It seems to me that it's simply
dropping strings, and somehow always dropping the very last string
(representing 0 or 100).

>(or maybe you are looking at hex numbers when you think
>you are seeing decimal numbers)

That's not it -- I'm looking at the MKS-80's LCD display.

Thanks again for your help.