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Subject: FW: [AH] re:should i trade?

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2001-01-09

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Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 9:01 PM
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Subject: [AH] re:should i trade?

> I have a Jupiter 8 with MIDI retrofit that I'm thinking of trying to trade
> either an E6400 ultra sampler or perhaps an Oberheim Xpander. The Jupiter
8 is
> "fat" and all, but just not quite agressive enough for the type of music
that I
> produce (techstep, hard drum and bass).
> Having never heard an Xpander, except by reputation, I'm curious if you
> think it's sound would be more fitting for this type of music than the
> Cheers
> endzeit

quick comments. I've played s Jupiter 8 on a number of occasions and I
own an Xpander. I do not play techstep, hard drum and bass myself.

> Yes, the Xpander is a phantastic sound engine (one of the best analog
synths, in my opinion). But if you search for more agressive sounds than
produced by the Jupiter 8, I think, it is not the choice you need. And keep
in mind that there are 'only' six voices.
> Werner

true. The comment that the expander has "'only' six voices" doesn't
really come into play. It is multitambral which is probably a more
useful feature than 2 less voices. I think what Werner is saying which I
agree with and is quite crucial is the Xpander makes a far more complex
and elaborate sound but is not known for being very big, punchy or
agressive so you should definitely try one out first before you trade it
may be the wrong direction.

The thing with some sampler like the E6400 is in a couple years there's
going to be some sampler costing way less with way more capabilities
while a vintage synth, while not guaranteed, may still have the current
used value or more. Not really a problem if you have to have that
sampler and never need the Jupiter, but you may not want to do that deal
if after its done you start to miss the Jupiter. Maybe some virtual
synth will sound better than a Jupiter 8 in a few years, but I'm not
holding my breath. Its definite though that samplers will have more of
everything for cheaper.

> My Juno-60 is can make great jungle basses and strings.
> So the Jupiter can only be better.
> I would not trade such cool synt for a sampler.

There is a good point here also. Sometimes a simpler synthesizer cuts
through better with a solid simple sound than a big synthesizers
elaborate sound. Not that you want to base your synth purchases just on
what other people are using but you may want to research what acts you
like are using. Maybe you will find out they are all using digital
synths and Junos, who knows, but it does give you ideas which models to

nick kent