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Subject: FW: [AH] FS: JP-8 For Parts

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2000-11-27

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From: Mike Kent [mailto:mikekent@...]
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 9:32 PM
To: Analogue Heaven AH
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Subject: [AH] FS: JP-8 For Parts, DX-100, System-100, Flutes. In

Items for sale. Preferably for pickup in Vancouver B.C. Trade: I need a Palm
PDA. Prices in $US. Shipping and any applicable US Customs duties paid by
buyer. I hope I don't have to do Eb∗y with these.

Jupiter-8 for Parts: $???
I have a JP-8 with too many problems to be repaired. Looks Excellent. Does
your JP-8 have scratched front panel? This one looks new. Good 110V Power
Supply, both transformer and Power supply board function. Digital CPU boards
work fine. Analog voice boards and module controller boards have many
failures but would suffice as backup for scrounging parts for long term
maintanace of your JP-8. Front Panel Sliders and buttons mostly not working.
All knobs available. All good keys. Anyone want to whole thing? Anyone want
specific parts? How do I put a price on it? Offers? Individual parts may be
easier to price if I get enough interested people in various parts.

DX-100: $125
Good Condition overall. Only minor cosmetic wear. Worst flaw is that it is
missing one of the guitar strap pins (if that matters to you, it doesn't to
me or I could easily go and buy one).

System-100: $2100
Complete System-100 (6 pieces) in excellent condition. Model 101 Keyboord
synth. Model 102 Expander. 24 Step Analog Sequencer. Mixer with Spring
Reverb. 2 Speakers. Email for details if you don't know this system. I don't
want to sell it but I need to fund another purchase.

Armstrong Flutes: $140 & $275
Student Model, Silver Plate, Closed holes. Excellent Condition $140
Advanced Model, Solid Silver Head, Open Holes, Excellent Condition $275