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Subject: FW: [AH] jupiter 8 for sale part II

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2000-10-10

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From: royce lee [mailto:rrooyyccee@...]
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2000 2:09 AM
To: analogue@...
Subject: [AH] jupiter 8 for sale part II


Matt, the guy selling the jp8, agreed to let me post
his name up. I guess that means please don't email me
directly. He seems like the real deal and has been
cool in correspondance. I suppose this means you can
make him an offer, although his plan was to sell it
for 2K. Still, since his last deal on ebay pooped
out, he may be receptive.
Anyway, here is his email.




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