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Subject: FW: [AH] mks80 / mpg80

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2000-09-12

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From: Mike Peake [mailto:peake@...]
Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 6:16 AM
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Subject: Re: [AH] mks80 / mpg80

But that's why your mixer has EQ! :)

At 4:07 AM -0000 9/12/00, FibrOptic7@... wrote:
>I had written I was going to sell my roland MKS-80 / MPG-80 very soon @
> :)
>The reason....I have WAY too many synths that sound alike now, and I always
>thought I would be thrilled with the MKS-80. I do really like it, but some
>of my other gear has got the "warm buzzy" sound down well, and perhaps it's
>just me and my laziness in having to press "auto tune" every twenty minutes
>or less.....I dunno.
>In that respect, it really IS quite an analog piece. The thing drifts
>continually, but then again, that'll happen with this type of circuitry.
>ALSO, and a very big "also"...... it's so hard doing chords with analog
>synths. Seriously. It gets very heavy, even with two oscillators that a
>three fingered chord becomes cluttered with chorus and drift. With that, I
>end up using workstations and such because the digital end has a lighter
>to it, and really is great for these issues.
>Analog, truly, is fabulous in a monosynth sort of way. But when numerous
>keys are combined, it gets too huge...I cannot even imagine what a
>hair-pulling time I'd have with a Memorymoog.
>I've always been the first to antagonize anyone who said that analog is
>better than virtual, but when it comes down to recording, virtuals do not
>compete with or cancel out the other frequencies in a track...they sound
>thin and blend quickly. With my true analogs, this cancellation is always
>happening where I can't use them, but do enjoy owning them.
>I know that that sounds appealing to the analog purist, and it is actually
>appealing were it only me and my mks80 in a track, but fitting the thing
>a song is like trying to fit into a size 28 pants when you're really a 38,
>you know? ;)
>Hell, I even had a freaky time working with my old JX8P. I couldn't blend
>that thing at all. It would stand out like a sore thumb. My MKS-70 is
>exactly the same in this respect.

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