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Subject: Re: [Roland_Jupiters] FW: [AH] Duran Duran Analog

From: Philip <synth72@...>
Date: 2000-08-07

Yes, he is still using the JP-8, along w/ a Trinity
and another synth I was unable to identify to his
--- "Verschut, Ricardo"
<ricardo.verschut@...> wrote:
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> From: Vco3@...
> Sent: Friday, August 04, 2000 6:38 PM
> Subject: [AH] Duran Duran Analog
> Hi all, does anyone know if Nick Rhodes of Duran
> Duran is touring with his
> beloved Jupiter8? I am going to their concert
> tonight, lets hope for some
> Jp8! I will try to see what he is using and give a
> full report. jeff

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