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Subject: FW: [AH] Q: mks-80 vs. jp8: help me

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2000-06-27

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From: Royce Lee
Subject: Re: [AH] Q: mks-80 vs. jp8: help me

Analogue list,

Thank you everybody for your replies. The instant, VALIS-like response of
the internet is still a wierd thing.

I think I'm buying the mks80 simply because the guy on the other end is
being so cool about it, while the jupiter deals I've been working on have
been plagued by the profit motive.

That might speak well for the 8, I suppose. But I guess I have a lifetime
of dayjobs to make the 8 attainable someday.


On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Mike Peake wrote:

> At 8:06 PM -0000 6/26/00, Mike Kent wrote:
> >I've owned 3 MKS-80 (2 with programmers) and 3 Jupiter-8. I now own 1
> >excellent/mint JP-8 and 1 handyman's nightmare JP-8. MKS-80s are all
> >Both are excellent synths, each with their own values. Tom's explanation
> >matches my own experience and opinions exactly.
> >
> >Mike.
> I also agree on very nearly everything that's been said, having once
> placed an 8 against an MKS in battle.
> >>> speed, midi-lag, "warmth", "fizziness," "fuzziness," "buzziness,"
> >>> "bloopabiity," distortion, bass repsonse, midrange, etc. Maybe a
> >>> comparison of "standard" sounds: ie, square wave bass, pulsewidth
> >>> sawtooth bass, string sounds, etc.
> >>>
> >> JP-8 is warmer than the MKS-80
> >> JP-8 can be fuzzier than the MKS-80
> >>
> >> MKS-80 can be fizzier than the JP-8
> >> MKS-80 can be buzzier than the JP-8
> The MKS sounds a tad deeper than the JP8 due to it's bass boost circuitry.
> It 'speaks' at a lower frequency than the 8 (which is nice and firm in the
> bass region around 120Hz).
> I've never owned a JP8, but have had several MKS80s as I find them
> very convenient (MIDI etc. for program change, volume, etc. and that
> awesome Unison Detune). Don't own one now as they are usually the
> first thing to go when the money's low. They're not too hard to find.
> Mike Peake, Your Psychic Friend
> ___________________
> Specifications:
> >while i have your ear, i've always been intrigued by your moniker
> >(your psychic friend). how did you come up with that? does it have
> >any hidden meaning? :)
> It's only about the sudden appearance of 'psychic hotlines' where you
> pay $4.00 a minute or more for 'psychic advice'. I figure, if they can
> be psychic, then so can I :) Only problem is, I'm not making that kind
> of money!
> It's also about being a Babylon 5 fan, where telepaths on Earth are
> genetically engineered by an alien race to help fight a war against
> their ancient foes (of course, they don't tell anyone about any of
> this.) Suddenly, there are verifiable telepaths on Earth, and the
> planet changes significantly as a result. I like to joke that it's
> happening to us now, but instead of creating a paramilitary "PsiCorp"
> as in B5, they go into the cheezy pay-phone advice business :)