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Subject: FW: [AH] Preliminary Virus/Jupiter Comparisons: Skip This if it B ores You!!

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2000-05-11

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From: crispin [mailto:deadcityradio@...]
Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2000 11:28 AM
To: Royce Lee; analogue@...
Subject: Re: [AH] Preliminary Virus/Jupiter Comparisons: Skip This if it
Bores You!!

> If you made it this far, I suppose I can say pretty much anything. I've
> tried not to do any bullshitting, but you know how hard that can be to
> avoid. I got a good price on the Virus, which makes me like it. I
> wouldn't recommend the Virus to analogue lovers out there looking for a VA
> solution to there analogue headaches. It's good, but not better than
> something like the JP6 for most analogue staples. The JP6 is sometimes
> presented as a good "do everything" synth because of it's bandpass filter.
> But really it's not THAT flexible, and winds up sounding like. . . a JP6
> no matter what patch you use. The Virus makes for suprisingly good pad
> and bell type sounds, which is probably NOT why most people are interested
> in it, but IS probably while I'll wind up keeping it. . . at least for a
> few months.
> Hope this helps. If you want to flame me, please do it privately, as I'd
> love to read any criticisms. I don't mean this to be a VA vs. Analogue
> article. Just a comparison of two comparably priced (used) synths.
> Peace,
> Royce

golly :) if you decide to part with it let me know, i'm in seattle, wa. you
got a really good deal, share the love. I couldn't stand the virus when i
first checked it out at a guitar center one year and a half ago, i was
looking at a local jp6, oddly enough at the same time. the one i really
enjoyed playing was the waldorf xt. at the time i was getting rid of my
sh-101, which i loved but i thought i really needed midi, and MEMORY. i
thought that after selling the 101 that spending an extra couple hundred on
the jp-6 would be the way to go. sadly though, it just did not grab me at
all, even though it was a "holy grail" this just happened to me with my sh-2
which i have been hunting down for a while. they just don't grab me. ???
the second session i had with the virus, gave me a much better impression,
it seemed to cover alot of the bases i needed a synth for, 101 arpeggiated
blips and subbass, pizzicato strings, pads with lots of motion, i even liked
some of the strings :) it sounds great for what it is, nice architecture
as well, the best of the VAs. i would also have to give props to the AN1x
which can sound amazing, i think it sounds the most "authentic" especially
compared to the nord leads and z1 or ?, too bad those dumb F@#ks left the
knobs off and didn't kick in multitimbrality or more mod material.

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