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Subject: FW: [AH] Jupiter-8 Problems

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo_Verschut@...
Date: 1999-05-03

Oh, well...

~ -----Original Message-----
~ From: djwright
~ Subject: [AH] Jupiter-8 Problems
~ hello all. this is my first post. i have been avidly reading
~ the archives for
~ about a year and recently subscribed. so, i would like to
~ extend my thanks to
~ all of you for providing such a wealth of knowledge.
~ now, my problem. i bought a jp-8 awhile ago that was
~ advertised as being in
~ excellent condition. it was DOA, and the seller tried to get
~ me to claim
~ "hidden damages" with UPS. basically, i think he wanted to
~ collect the $2000
~ he insured it for at my expense. anyway, upon opening it, i
~ noticed that
~ someone had cracked the power supply circuit board in an
~ attempt to pry it
~ off. i filled this in with solder and it works. however, when
~ it powers up, or
~ when i hit auto-tune, the LEDs stop at "5" and "5"flashes the
~ second time they
~ cycle through. i imagine this means that osc. 5 is not tuning
~ properly.

Chance is that "Osc 5" isn't functioning at all. There IS a problem at that
board anyway. That's why the LED keeps flashing.

~ in poly mode, every fifth note is out of tune. so, i guess my
~ question is, how
~ do i fix it? i am ordering the service manual from roland.

Yes you do. There will come a day you might find it the most valuable
document in your studio (apartfrom your new record-deal).

~ i feel sorry for this synth (it appears to maybe have
~ been a music store
~ rental at one point) and would like to bring it up to snuff.
~ any help would be
~ appreciated.
~ also, are there any AHers that live in the Kent/Akron
~ Ohio area? i am in
~ graduate school at kent state.
~ thank you much-------david