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Subject: Any advice on fixing a trashed Jupiter 4 ?

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2000-02-28

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From: Rick Harris [mailto:rick.h@...]
Subject: [AH] Any advice on fixing a trashed Jupiter 4 ?

Hi all. I bought this very wasted-looking JP-4 for $5 at the rubbish dump.
After cleaning out the dirt, hay, dead bugs and cobwebs and replacing an IC
that was emitting smoke it's showing at least some signs of life by making
random notes and bends on its own ( sound quality of the noises is
excellent ), and very rarely responding to the keyboard. When the keyboard
is working, it always plays a low C# as well as whatever note you're
No matter which patch button is pushed, it randomly switches between all
the sounds, but when it happens to land on 'Manual' all the controls seem
to be working. The bend/mod wheel always works. I talked to a local synth
repairer, and he said the dump was the best place for a JP-4 !
Any ideas on where to start looking for the problem ? There's no obvious
damage, but I'm guessing another IC somewhere has been barbecued. I'm
working on getting the service manual.


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