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Subject: FW: [AH] Need some Jupiter 8 Advice/Help

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo.Verschut@...>
Date: 2000-02-17

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From: Kevin Lightner [mailto:heaven@...]
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2000 11:44 PM
To: Analogue Heaven
Subject: Re: [AH] Need some Jupiter 8 Advice/Help

>2. Volume knob is really scratchy.

Possibly cleanable.

>3. Headphone jack is dead.

Often a resolder job on the molex-like connector that goes to this jack.

>4. Memory protect button is missing and memory protect is ON. There is no
>way to save patches unless that is fixed :(

Is the switch on in the back?
Good luck on finding buttons though :(

>5. Tape Memory buttons are GONE! ... Can't use the cool Encore MIDI dump

Other buttons or caps can be substituted, even from the same unit.
A matter of priorities sometimes. :(

>6. OSC leakage quite apparent. Almost as bad (but not quite) as my SID
>Station. Is this normal?? I can live with it, but I want to know if it's

No, that's not normal. Sounds like it's been thrown around a lot.
Possibly bad grounds and other connections.

>7. HIGH Frequency ringing from all outputs even when the volume is all the
>way down. Might be a grounding issue/power supply problem??

Yep or moisture.

>∗∗∗∗8. Biggest problem!!! - OSC 1 for the LOWER patch is very unstable. It
>sounds like there is a ghost LFO or envelope on the pitch. It modulates
>randomly and erraticly (sp?) ... If you play a few notes, it might sound
>fine, but on the 6th note you play, or on the 4th note of a chord, that
>will sound totally off like it was just hit with a quick 5v saw lfo.
>Essentially, 75% of the sound engine is working fine (I tested it for a few
>hours) , but OSC 1 on the lower patch has very strange problems. Any
>Yeah I know, I'll search the archives too :)

Ain't worth $1000 now.... :(


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