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Subject: FW: [AH] Need some Jupiter 8 Advice/Help

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo.Verschut@...>
Date: 2000-02-17

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From: Ernie Deakyne [mailto:ernie@...]
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2000 11:10 PM
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Subject: [AH] Need some Jupiter 8 Advice/Help

OK, here's the situation, I've found a rustic old JP-8 here in Portugal.
The seller wants $1000, which is fair, but it has some problems. I'd like
to know if, with the problems, that's still a fair price... Regarding the
problems, I'd like to know if anyone has ever experienced them before and
might know how difficult/possible it is to fix them. (Especially #8)

1. Cosmetics - not bad, but not good. Some rust, a few chunky crusty spots
on the paint job (old dried coffee??) very dusty/dirty... I haven't looked,
but I assume it's not the cleanest site inside.

2. Volume knob is really scratchy.

3. Headphone jack is dead.

4. Memory protect button is missing and memory protect is ON. There is no
way to save patches unless that is fixed :(

5. Tape Memory buttons are GONE! ... Can't use the cool Encore MIDI dump

6. OSC leakage quite apparent. Almost as bad (but not quite) as my SID
Station. Is this normal?? I can live with it, but I want to know if it's

7. HIGH Frequency ringing from all outputs even when the volume is all the
way down. Might be a grounding issue/power supply problem??

∗∗∗∗8. Biggest problem!!! - OSC 1 for the LOWER patch is very unstable. It
sounds like there is a ghost LFO or envelope on the pitch. It modulates
randomly and erraticly (sp?) ... If you play a few notes, it might sound
fine, but on the 6th note you play, or on the 4th note of a chord, that note
will sound totally off like it was just hit with a quick 5v saw lfo.
Essentially, 75% of the sound engine is working fine (I tested it for a few
hours) , but OSC 1 on the lower patch has very strange problems. Any ideas??
Yeah I know, I'll search the archives too :)

Other Info:

It has the DCB slot... 220v Euro version
Serial # 151436 ... Is this an early or a late JP-8 and which is good/bad??

Many thanks for any and all help.
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