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Subject: FW: [AH] PROBLEMS:OB-8

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo.Verschut@...
Date: 1999-12-13

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From: caleb de la Mare [mailto:buzzardszun@...]
Subject: [AH] PROBLEMS:OB-8,JUPITER-8 and juno-106.

Hello AH's...hope ye are all well.

I have a few probs with my gear...any advice is welcome.


1)the machine crashes intermitently...sometimes with jammed LED's on the
front panel.The only way to reset by turning the OB-8 off...then on
again. Until next time.???HELP???

2)LFO 2, in the bend box is a little weird. The bend control on the left is
the LFO modulator. It modulates when bent downwards(to the front of the
synth)..but does not modulate when bent up(towards the back of the

3) Is the depth knob in the bend box meant to have any effect on the depth
of the LFO 2 (left wheel when modulating the LFO 2)???HELP???

4)I calibrate the volts per octave using the service manual for the OB-8. I
know how this is done....I have successfully done this on other OB-8's. When

all calibrated....the keyboard is totally out of tune...NOT JUST TRANSPOSED
UP or DOWN...but the notes are all jumbled.
I basically have to calibrate the volts per octave trimmers with a guitar


1)Around ten minutes after powering the synth up:Osillator 2 of the fourth
voice drops in it cannot be hardly heard. Although...their is
still some level...but not much...and it still works through the filter distortion at all...just very low level.???HELP???

2)The white LFO mod button does NOT have any effect at all...either does
it's relevant fader;s and and VCF LFO MOD,silver switches
and faders and the LFO MOD RISE not do anything at all.....the
pitch bender works fine on the VCO and the does all their relevant
silver switches and faders.
The LFO works fine from the front panel of the synth..the rate and the depth

and its destination ...all work fine...but NOT the WHITE LFO MODULATION
BUTTON found in the bend box???HELP???


1)similar to the jupiter voice problem!

Around ten minutes after powering the machine on....VOICE 2 begins to
crackle....and then their is NO SIGNAL at all from that voice..until the
synth has cooled down.
And on voice 4.....the same story with the time on powering the machine
up....but the signal stays the same...NO DROP OF LEVEL at all.....but the
CUT-OFF has NO EFFECT at all....although...when the RESONANCE is turned
up.....RESONANCE IS APPLIED....the CUT-OFF does NOT?????HELP????

This seems to be a thermal problem....yes...on the solder joins....or WITHIN

the VCO's and the VCF chips themselves???HELP???

Well cheers everyone....and feel welcome to help out...