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Subject: Re: [Roland_Jupiters] Europa 2.0 latest firmware version needed

From: Nick Zampiello <newallianceeast@...>
Date: 2013-10-05

you emailed synthcom>?

the site is still up.

they only have 1.0 on the site.  when did 2.0 come out?




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From: "dir_marillion@..." <dir_marillion@...>
Sent: Saturday, October 5, 2013 7:28 AM
Subject: [Roland_Jupiters] Europa 2.0 latest firmware version needed

Hi, I am searching for the latest 2.0 firmware version for Europa mod.

I have emailed the author but no answer for a long time ago. I have currently the version 1.0 installed. I would appreciated If someone could upload it to the files section or send it to my email.

Thank you very much