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Subject: Re: JP6 Crashing.... Fixed

From: "blzproductions" <bob@...>
Date: 2013-07-10

Just a quick update.

I installed a new processor into the CPU board, and the JP6 is no longer crashing.
Processor removal was quite easy compared to some I've had to remove in the past.
Tip for anyone else having to do this...
Cut all the legs on the chip so the body falls away and leaves just the legs.
Then using a smallish tipped soldering iron, heat each leg and then use tweezers/fine nosed pliers to extract the leg from the component side. DO NOT HEAT THE PAD, PLACE THE IRON ON THE LEG.
Once all legs are removed, turn the board over onto it's back and clear the holes.

Now I've just got to get the factory presets reloaded... could be interesting :-s