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Subject: JP6 Crashing

From: "blzproductions" <bob@...>
Date: 2013-05-17


Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone else had had this experience, and knows anything about what might be causing it.

I'm servicing a JP6 for a client that has come to me with the following fault.

When switched on it looks OK, but no sound. Then after you've moved a few sliders or pressed a few buttons, all the LEDs go out apart from the write protect switch and the LFO2 indicator (LFO2 LED not being controlled by the CPU)
Initially I thought it was probably the battery. I checked the battery, and it seemed to be OK, but I changed it anyway.
Then I've tried to reload the Factory Banks.

When I press Tape Memory and LOAD all looks OK, but when I release LOAD... all the LEDs go out again (this could be normal... it's been a while since I serviced a JP6)
When the second pilot tone kicks in, the JP6 lit up again, but still no sound, and after a few button presses it crashes again.
On subsequent attempts to load the factory settings, once I release LOAD the lights go out, and the JP6 stays inert from that point on.

My thoughts at the moment are CPU/Eprom related.

Anyone had these symptoms? And if so... did anyone get to the bottom of it?

Any input most welcome


P.S. JP6 is running P8031 processors with eproms, rather than the older processors.