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Subject: FW: JP4 question

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo_Verschut@...
Date: 1999-04-23

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I signed up yesterday.
I have a Jupiter 4, miss computronic.
I use it on practically all my tracks for ambience, funk leads, and
Here's my question to throw out:
What is the best sound to use to externally trigger the arpeggiator? The
doesn't mention the best frequency nor decibel range. I use a basic rimshot
right now, but it's nowhere near as smooth as the internal trigger.
Late, Alistair
From: Alistair Wilson [mailto:awilson@...]

"Verschut, Ricardo" wrote:

> Hello guys 'n dolls on the Jupe list,
> A word of welcome to our new subscribers:
> I noticed a few new subscribtions to the Roland_Jupiters list were made
> recently. Up to now we haven't had a lot of discussion going on. Maybe
> an idea to get you talking about:
> Why did you subscribe to this list?
> Do you own a Jupiter? If so, which one?
> What do you know about modifications made to your machine?
> What kind of music do you use the Jupiter for?
> Regards and peace, peace, peace...