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Subject: noise generator on osc 2 does not function

From: "chuddy023" <chuddy023@...>
Date: 2009-06-10


I just purchased a mks-80 second have. It is a rev5 and in good condition apart
from a few things.

The midi recieve indicator LED does not light up ever...

And tragically the noise generator on osc 2 does not function. I have checked
the noise gen output by turnin up the volume and gaining the output again, I can
here the noise very faintly being triggered. So I am thinking either the VCA
(ba6xxa ) is broken, or there is a loose connection inside, of the ic chip for
the noise gen is bugger. Or the switching IC on the moudule board is broke.

Can anyone suggest anthing else that might help me get the noise gen working