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Subject: Found my answer!!! It was not a Jupiter-8 after all...

From: "Dean Stewart Rumsey" <hamsterdrum85@...>
Date: 2009-05-23

I remembered thinking that the synth stabs on Rick Springfield's "Human Touch" were done on a Roland Jupiter-8 because it sounded like something out of Duran Duran, which Nick Rhodes was well known for using the Jupiter-8.

I come to find out that the stabs used in "Human Touch" was actually an Oberheim Four-Voice FVS-1. No wonder why the sounds I tried to emulate on my JP-8V demo failed me. My source was from someone who asked Gabriel Katona what synths were used in that song.

I do apologize for being misled and feeling like I annoyed everyone here. I should take this discussion to either Vintage Synth Explorer or an Oberheim group.


Dean S. Rumsey