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Subject: The JP-8 sound search is over.

From: "Dean Stewart Rumsey" <hamsterdrum85@...>
Date: 2008-04-14


I just nailed the 'Human Touch' metallic brass stab yesterday after
the past three months trying to do so with my demo version of Arturia
JP-8V. I also happened to have tackled down other sounds from that
song, too. I copied all the parameters down on paint documents and on
paper. I found out that the sound's waveforms were undefined because
of reverberation. Since the JP-8V has its own effects processor built
in, I made it sound a lot like the original recording. I looked at the
waveforms of the original and my recording and they look very similar.
I feel really great about that.

Just like to tell everyone.
If anybody asks how I did it, I will be glad to tell.

Dean S. Rumsey