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Subject: Re: Alicia Keys plays Jupiter 8 MTV video awards

From: "gil_we" <gil_we@...>
Date: 2007-10-21

Yah, and it has "Yamaha" written over it if I'm not wrong ;))

--- In, "modorange322"
<modorange322@...> wrote:
> Did anyone watch this (probably reruns are being shown all week),
> Alicia Keys sang a nice group of tunes and walked down the
> runway-style stage to where a vintage Roland Jupiter 8 (at first I
> thought it was a 6 but I think it was an 8) was on a stand. She seemed
> pretty proud of her Jupiter synth! It was a great advert for Jupiters,
> and she was really playing it. You could hear the thick analog sound
> coming from it...