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Subject: Arturia Jupiter-8V

From: "djfiorucci" <dfiorucci@...>
Date: 2007-06-02

Anyone have the full version?

I have some questions can't seem to get Arturia to respond to my emails.

1. Does the Import allow you to bring in a Jupiter-8 sysex file?
2. Does the Export allow you to create a Jupiter-8 sysex file?
3. If so anyone have a Midi interface on their Jupiter-8 that will send
sysex dump of their patches?
4. Does anyone know of an application that can take a .wav file of a
Jupiter-8 patches and convert it to sysex?

I can't remember the name of the company I think it was called Encore
that had a Midi upgrade for the Jupiter-8 that allowed you to send
sysex patch dumps.
I helped a friend install it on his Jupiter-8 but he has since sold it
on ebay.