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Subject: Re: Questions on a certain Jupiter-8 stab

From: "hamsterdrum85" <hamsterdrum85@...>
Date: 2007-02-19

I was talking about the stabs heard in the Huey Lewis and the News
song, "I Want a New Drug". I have seen a Jupiter-8 being used in the
video. I hope there was no pretend play there (I hope it was really
done on a jupiter-8, and not a rival, like a Prophet-5 or an OB-Xa).
The sound sounds very similar to the stabs heard in Duran Duran's "Is
There Something I Should Know" and Rick Springfield's "Human Touch",
but those two sound much mellower and airier than the "New Drug"
stabs. All I can tell you is all three stabs mentioned sounds similar
to the Casiotone MT-220/205 synth sound-but sounds better than a
Casio. I have heard that the JP-4, JP-6, and JP-8 are have different
circuitry from each other, I don't know why, but they do. I have the
extended remix of "Human Touch" by Rick Springfield, which starts with
the verse, but there is nothing but synths and acoustic guitar. I can
e-mail that 60-second wav file to you as soon as possible if that's okay.

Dean Rumsey

--- In, "Bob S." <tttsystems@...> wrote:
> What stabs are we talking about you have an example or
audio clip?
> I have a Jupiter 6.....
> Bob
> El Segundo, CA
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> Subject: [Roland_Jupiters] Re: Questions on a certain Jupiter-8 stab
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> >
> >
> > > Are these stabs user-made, or are they factory sounds? Can these
> sounds
> > > be made on either the MKS-80 and MPG-80 or the JP-8000 and/or
> > > Can anyone show me pictures of the Jupiter-8 with all of the
> > > controls set to these stabs and send me as many different audio
> sample
> > > of that sound as possible. I really wanted to know because I
wanted a
> > > sound like that in my 80's tribute band.
> >
> > yeah that's a good question. i like those stabs as well and would
> love to get any info on
> > learning how to set it up on a jupiter 8...
> > -J
> >
> I am wondering if that sound can be found on any of the Jupiter-8
> Sample CD's...