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Subject: Re: [AH] Help

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo_Verschut@...
Date: 1998-10-28

From:Kevin Lightner @ synthfool@...@SMTP@EXCHANGE

>synthfool@... wrote:
><< Not to totally pounce on Elhardt, but this is just plain bad advice!
>odds of the prom causing this problem due to "dropped bits" is HIGHLY
>unlikely. (Extremely unlikely)>>
>It depends whether it is a prom or an EPROM. EPROMs were never ment as
>turm permanent data devices. They can lose data over time. Korg agreed
>me that it was probably the EPROM in my VP-70 that was bad. I also had a
>serial interface computer board that locked up because of an EPROM that
>data. I erased it, reprogrammed it and then it worked. If a device gets
>of the way through its bootup but then locks up in the middle, that usually
>means the computer is running OK. The computer freezes when it hits a bad
>instuction. However I don't know how the guy's JP-6 behaves so I can't
>any absolutes.

No wars please. It's just my opinion as someone that's fixed a lot of
synths that it wouldn't be the first advice I'D suggest.
It's far more common for a locked up synth to have a power-up reset
problem, power supply problem or bad solder connection. Proms can go bad,
but it's comparatively rare to encounter.
The JP6 has several CPU's and they all handshake- it's a complex instrument
and many things can cause it lock up.