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Anthony Carrico acarrico at memebeam.org
Wed Jun 16 23:23:49 CEST 2021

On 6/16/21 4:09 PM, cheater cheater via Marketplace wrote:
> a lot of people like to keep archives of mailing lists. Even at a few
> gigabytes of space on something like gmail, a list with photo
> attachments will easily fill that up. Getting more space means going
> into a recurring contract with Google.
> Why send pictures to the list if there are better ways of sharing
> photos, like imgur or flickr?

Really? You want people to splinter their messages and join random
services just because you are using a tiny space at Google to host your
digital life? Anyway, is it worth calling it an "archive" if it doesn't
include the actual message data? I have decades of email, including
mailing lists, and I've never even thought about the space.

I recommend that you consider owning (or renting) your own media for
your data requirements rather than counting on "free" services, which
are never free, reliable, or secure over the long term. If you are
worried about accessing your email archive from a particular memory
constrained device, just host it on an imap server where any email
client should be able to access it.

Anthony Carrico

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