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Here’s an update of the list rules. Comments?

Synth-DIY Marketplace
Mailing List Rules
Weekly Reminder / Welcome Message

Read this before you post:

This list is for trading, buying and selling of Synth-DIY related items on a non-profit basis. For example:

 - Books, manuals, newsletters, etc
 - Modules
 - Kits
 - Parts, components
 - Panels, cases
 - Circuit boards
 - Spares
 - Prototypes
 - Tools related to Synth-DIY
 - Group buys of hard to find parts, limited run panels/pcb's
 - Skill sharing, tutoring

Think of left-over stock of parts, pcb's, etc. You might need 1 pcb for your project but you got 5 for the same price. So offer the spare ones on this list. 

Discussion must be limited to questions/answers about the items offered/requested. In case of any monetary exchange involved, it is allowed to cover expenses and/or shipping.

Don't forget to send a message to this list when the item is no longer available.

Messages must be in English. Be as specific as possible about location, if any.

To prevent spamming, this list is moderated (initially) so it might take up to 24h for your first message to appear. Please be patient. After your first valid message you can post freely.

Make sure the Subject: of a message has a clear indication between [brackets] of its purpose. For example:

 - [TRADE] VCO Module with FPD panel
 - [FOR SALE] Leftover PCB's for Serge wave shaper
 - [SOLD] Leftover PCB's for Serge wave shaper
 - [FREE FOR PICKUP, Netherlands] 20 years of parts, pcbs, modules
 - [FREE, NY AREA] Soldering tutoring
 - [WANTED] Oscilloscope for beginner
 - [GROUP BUY] Vactrol VTL5C3
 - [FOR SALE] Electronotes full set
 - [ADMIN] List maintenance next weekend

IMPORTANT: Not allowed are:

 - Technical and educational discussions, take them to the Synth-DIY mailing list. (synth-diy at synth-diy.org <mailto:synth-diy at synth-diy.org>)
 - Selling new or used commercially available, non-diy, audio/music gear
 - Links to Ebay, Craigslist, webshops and other commercial sites
 - For-profit transactions
 - Advertising your business

This is a companion list to the Synth-DIY mailing list (http://synth-diy.org/mailman/listinfo/synth-diy). You are encouraged to subscribe to that list also for technical and educational discussions. Cross-posting between this list and the Synth-DIY list is explicitly forbidden. As this is a closed list, replies from non-members will be rejected.

To post a message to all the list members, send email to marketplace at synth-diy.org. Messages will also be visible to the general public on the Archive page.

Home page: http://synth-diy.org/mailman/listinfo/marketplace
Archive: http://synth-diy.org/pipermail/marketplace

Moderator: ben at stuyts.nl
Version: 20201106

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