A mailing list called Synth-DIY has been created for people who are into synthesizer electronics and/or building synthesizers.

The Synth-DIY list is intended for discussions about synthesizer electronics and the building of (analogue, digital or DSP-based) synthesizers. Expect discussions on modulars and their various modules like voltage controlled oscillators, filters, ring modulators and the like. Topics like heated dual transistors for the ultimate exp converter are certainly not shunned here.

Abuse, disputes, potty talk is not allowed. Also leave politics and religion at the door.

To send a message to the Synth-DIY list send a mail to: Note that you must be subscribed (see below) before you are allowed to send messages.

The list is not intended for 'gear for-sale' messages or price lists. A companion mailing list called Marketplace is available for trading/selling/buying Synth-DIY related material. To send a message to that list send a mail to: Again, you must be subscribed (see below) before you are allowed to send messages.

We hope you will have many fruitful discussions.

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