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Subject: Re: [yamahacs80] Tomita Memorial Museum display

From: zaum <zaum@...>
Date: 2016-11-11

>The CS80 was also used on the 1984 "Dawn Chorus" album (also
known as "Canon of the three Stars"), in one of the renditions of
the Villa-Lobos pieces (some brass patch). Thanks for the
heads-up, nice to see some of Tomita's gear (although I'd rather
see him use this stuff for another great album).

Thanks, I was discounting that one because while it still sounds like Tomita, it's generally quite digital sounding.

I've always felt his 1992 "Storm from the East" OST was his most Vangelis-like performance though I've not listened to specifically ID CS80 or lack of it and it surely contains samples.

His Bach Fantasy (1996) was an intentional back to analog sounds album and his last mostly new classical realizations album though he told me he was sampling his own modular to create polyphony by then. It contains some (not yet released virtual analog) JP-8000 too

His last major work, a ballet featuring Hatsune Miku called "Dr. Coppelius" is being premiered on stage this week in Tokyo. It's inspired the 19th century Hoffmann tale about an inventor who builds a clockwork girl that inspired ballets by Delibes and Offenbach - though Tomita was composing rather than interpreting their works. As with most of his own composed work from the last few decades, it's a blend of synths and live orchestra and can be staged live.

Quite a few interesting classical fragments have been released officially in the last decade or so, like an unfinished but amazing opening of Rimsky's Schereazade (late 1970s?), Debussy's Nuage completed in the mid 1970s., a longer Tristan & Isolde, a half hour of partly finished pieces all from (Disney's) Fantasia with a fun and finished sounding Sorcerer's Apprentice and fragments of Nutcracker Suite with samples and vocoder singing. What sounds like a physically modeled Debussy's Arabesque 1 came out not long ago.