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Subject: Re: [yamahacs80] Review of my album

From: "Wavecomputer360" <>
Date: 2005-11-21

Hi Matrix,
I´m not into blogging and have no clue as to how to do that :-) so if you´d like to put it up somewhere, you´re welcome :-).
"Ambition makes you look pretty ugly." (Thom Yorke/Radiohead -- "Paranoid Android")
"Hoellenengel" -- new album by Stephen Parsick, street date October 1, 2005.
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Coming soon: "oughtibridge", the new [´ramp] album, recorded live in England.
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WTB: "England´s Hidden Reverse" by David Keenan (Coil, Current93, Nurse With Wound, David Tibet).
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From: matrix
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2005 8:03 PM
Subject: Re: [yamahacs80] Review of my album

Congrats!  You should put this up on Synthwire!  : )  I'm thinking of putting it up on matrixsynth and linking back to the previous post I put up on this as well.
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Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2005 4:53 AM
Subject: [yamahacs80] Review of my album

I thought you guys would like to read this. Apologies for having wasted bandwidth.
Stephen Parsick

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(Excerpt from track(s) 'Das Lied vom ende')

€ 14.54  

CD / 12 tracks / 72.53 mins

This is the first solo album from Stephen for many a year. It is, however, nothing like his last CD, the Berlin School influenced 'Traces of The Past', or his works with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock. There is a slight similarity to his darker moments with Ramp, especially their last limited Edition release 'Doombient One' but this is even darker than that. The artwork leaves you in no doubts that this will not be easy listening as the front and back cover are basically one large expanse of skulls with a 'Fallen Angel' drawn over the top. The inner booklet mixes gothic images with more pictures of devastation and surgical instruments (even instruments of torture?) where the angel on the front is being, crucified, impaled and otherwise mutilated! I don't speak German so I don't know what the titles mean in English but I bet they aren't called 'Little Fluffy Clouds', or 'Twilight Serenade'!

'Der Tod' starts with suitably eerie, dark, deep bell like drones mixed with explosions as if heard from far away - but getting closer. We move seamlessly into 'Der Prinz', a fanfare for the arrival of some demonic lord perhaps? 'Die Konigin' starts up a deep pulse to which is added a particularly effective Eastern influenced lead line, providing rays of light over the sinister backing. These underlying pads swell wonderfully from time to time in reaction to the melody. Believe it or not there is something of a Vangelis feel to this but given a much darker twist. What a superb track it is. 'Die Burg' is full of mournful gothic organ playing then deep sonic clangs from the very bowels of hell accompanied by vast sonic whooshes. Certainly dramatic stuff! 'Der Leichenkeller' mixes wonderfully bass laden drones with high register mournful pads which act like phantoms flying through the air. There is then a gap of a few seconds - I assume for dramatic effect before 'Der Barde'. A sequence rumbles forward over which plays an excellent echoing melodic lead line. It all goes together to provide quite an intoxicating and rather exciting brew. Strangely, yet again, I thought there were some Vangelis stylisms here but oddly and very effectively mutated / twisted. All slightly over the top, but another stonking piece of music nevertheless.

Deep bass drones and throbs return for 'Der Nullpunkt'. Metallic shimmers mutate into ethereal sighing effects - exquisitely done and so atmospheric. Half heard utterances can just be heard very low in the mix. We are in fevered nightmare territory. 'Einer wartet immer' initially features bright metallic note droplets that shimmer into the distance. Beautifully played. It's another one of those contrasting moments, like the light shining in through the bars high above. Normal service is resumed for 'Das Lied vam Ende', full of more battlefield type images, conjuring up feelings of melancholy and great loss. From the half way mark the music becomes more dramatic as if 'things' are emerging from the battlefield being drawn on some mindless quest. Deep metallic clangs return for 'Das Observatorium'. It's all a bit like someone stumbling blindly through a scrap yard but with the occasional meteor landing around him at the same time!

'Das Auge des Horus' uses spooky drones through which jingling chains can just be heard. A similar lead line to that used in the third track provides nice contrast- almost a feeling of hope- surely not!. Things continue in exactly the same way for 'Auf dem Boden tote Engel verstreut' though with a little greater intensity.

Some artists try and create a feeling of 'darkness' through using loads of low register drones and eerie percussive effects and you will find those here but also much more. There is melody on the album for instance but wonderfully treated and used in such a way as to make the more sinister moments so much more effective. Stephen categorises his music as 'Doombient' and '(Dark) Ambient' and I suppose Ambient is a starting point but it doesn't do what you have here justice. This music isn't supposed to be background fodder or interesting drift. It is music which is ever changing and demands the attention. Not jolly stuff, that is for sure but the best audio equivalent to a horror movie I have ever heard. What a superb album. (DL)

"Human beings are a disease, the cancer of this planet, you´re a plague. And we are the cure." (Agent Smith)
"Hoellenengel", new album by Stephen Parsick. Street date: October 01, 2005.
For info and audio, please check
Coming soon: "Oughtibridge", the new [´ramp] album, recorded live in England.
For info and audio, please visit the official [´ramp] website at

[WTB]: "England´s Hidden Reverse" by David Keenan (Coil, Current93, Nurse With Wound, David Tibet).