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Subject: Re: Expression Pedal

From: "David Rogoff" <david@...>
Date: 2004-08-20

> what Yamaha exp. pedal could be used with a CS80 without damaging
the electronics? I was thinking of buying a replacement for my exp.
pedal which got lost someday before I purchased my CS.

I always thought it needed some magic pedal, but I just looked at the
wiring diagram. It looks like the pedal is just a potentiometer with
the ends connected to ground and tip (of a 1/4" stereo plug) and the
wiper attached to sleeve (the middle contact). The CS80 puts out
-15volts on the tip, so you'll get between zero (pedal up/off) and
-15v (pedal down/max) on the sleeve contact.

Has anyone tried this? Are there standard pedals like this (I
haven't looked into this stuff in years)? Does it need a special
taper pot?