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Subject: Re: [yamahacs80] cs80 for sale here in japan.

From: David Bulog <d2ba@...>
Date: 2011-03-08

I can vouch for Matt --your money is 101% safe--he is a very good seller
On 8/03/2011, at 8:02 PM, Daniel Forr´┐Ż wrote:

> Hi, Matt, where are you in Japan? I'm near Gifu. Same hobby, I love
> local recycle shops :-)
> I've got one CS80, maybe there's a space for another one. What's your
> price?
> Daniel Forro
> On Mar 8, 2011, at 3:41 PM, matt davey wrote:
> > hi, i just found a cs-80 listed for sale over here in japan.
> >
> > it has some trouble: vco2 is not working, ribbon controller is not
> > working, and
> > the pitch is unstable.
> > physically, i have only seen one photo so far, but seems to look in
> > good to very
> > good condition.
> >
> > i do a sideline hobby/business finding analogue and vintage gear
> > over here and
> > selling it privately and on ebay. if anyone here would be
> > interested in
> > discussing this synth, send me a mail. cheers, matt

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