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Subject: Re: How is Vangelis changing sounds on his CS-80?

From: blchrr@...
Date: 2009-01-15

Is this the video in his studio where he has the EII, CS80, yamaha piano
etc? If it is then there is a VP330 out of view above the CS80 that he plays
for the string and choir sounds.. sorry if your talking about a different

> That would certainly be an option if this were a performance video of a
> track, but this is just V. in his studio hitting some random notes and
> talking about the sounds and really doesn't seem rehearsed. It's funny,
> I've watched this one a few times before but never it never hit me that
> there was something else going on. I think yes, it must be MIDI'd or
> something like that! There are definitely some non-CS80 sounds coming
> out when he demonstrates the strings and choir. Good catch, Tommy.
> -Tim S.
> Wavecomputer360 wrote:
>> Ever thought of mimicking a performance to a playback ;-) ? I do that
>> all the time, but donĀ“t tell anybody :-).