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Subject: Re: CS60 aftertouch question

From: David Rogoff <david@...>
Date: 2008-09-18

Alessandro wrote:
> i bought a near mint CS60 yesterday, looks nice with my CS80.
Show-off :^)
> But the CS60 has a few (minor problems) the aftertouch for instance is
> always on. Any touch response settings are directly audible, when i
> press the aftertouch nothing happens. I know that the aftertouch works
> with a light bulb. I opened it up the light bulb still works, if i put
> a piece of paper between the light and i think the sensor then the
> touch reponse stops. So somewhere there is a fault perhaps the sensor?
Well, there should be some kind of shutter between the light bulb and
the sensor that lets more light through as you press harder on the keys.
Look around area A-4 in the schematic here:
. You should set some kind of lever move near the light bulb when you
press the keys hard. Maybe the attached shutter fell off. I don't
remember what it looks like - it's been over 20 years since I've
owned/worked-on a CS60, but it should be pretty straight forward to fix.