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Subject: Re: Kurzweil MIDIboard: poly pressure vs. CS-80

From: David Rogoff <david@...>
Date: 2008-04-07

oasysfan2 wrote:
> This is the ver. 3 manual, documenting all 48 parameters.
Thanks! It helps with two out of the three. The catch is that all the
parameter were re-ordered for v3. I found the Velocity Map and Pressure
Map, which I assume are the same:

Velocity Map: 1-4 (1 is default)
1 - linear
2 - curved map emphasize low velocities - designed to work with K250
3 - doubly-curved map, emphasizes high and low velocity
4 - small range map to deal with DX-7 screwed up response

Pressure Map - 1-2 (1 is default)
1 - "normal"
2 - requires more pressure to kick in, but less for max value

I can't find anything about After Pressure Mode. Any ideas? I guess
I'll hook up a MIDI monitor and see if I can figure it out.

By the way, is there any way to get hold of a v3 upgrade? Is it just a
ROM replacement? Anyone able to burn copies of the PROMs?



> > Looking for some more MIDIBoard knowledge. I just picked up another
> > one last night. It's in very nice condition - a few small scratches.
> > It's very nice driving the CS80 I just added the Kenton MIDI kit to!
> >
> > It appears to have OS version 2.2 since it has 46 parameters. I wonder
> > if anyone knows about the extra parameters. It came with the owners'
> > manual, but it's the same one that my old OS 1 MIDIBoard came with,
> > which only lists 42 parameters. The extra parameters are:
> >
> > 43 After Pressure Mode 0-1
> > 44 Pitch Wheel Mode 0-1(seems to switch direction of wheel)
> > 45 Velocity Map 1-4
> > 46 Pressure Map 1-2