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Subject: Re: [yamahacs80] Re: CS60 for cannibalizing...? **Voice card compatability

From: Scott Rider <oldcrow@...>
Date: 2007-09-21

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> A little known aspect of the Yamaha CS voice assigner chip is that it is in
> fact configurable from 1 to 8 voices in units of one voice. So you could
> maybe make it a 7 voice CS-60 if you cannot repair the faulty voice card.
> Richard
This is a hold-over from the key assigners used in Electone organs.
Most of the "PASS" models of the 1970s used 7-voice key assigners along
with some combinatorial logic to obtain 11-note polyphony across the
usual two keyboard manuals and pedalboard. The tone generator was a
wavetable type and not limited to sines (not bad for 1975) while the
filters were IG00155 SVF chips, a close relative of the IG00156 except
there was no keyboard tracking voltage control input. The EGs were
interesting: diode-programmable digital function generators, a kind of
ancestor to the EG-S chip of the DX line in later years. VCAs were the
IG00151--so find old Yamaha home organs put to pasture and liberate soem
IG chips. ;)

Crow, who has this EX-2 Electone and visions of kitbashing it into an,
er, GX-2. Eh..someday..