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Subject: Please vote to help me win Creative Loafing Best Of 2007

From: "Jim Combs" <jwcombs@...>
Date: 2007-06-28

Please forgive the cross-post:

OK folks, I need your help. Creative Loafing's Best Of 2007 has opened
its nomination doors and I need you all to register, vote, and get me
to the top of the heap! Deadline is July 11!

Please get your friends involved. It doesn't matter where they are,
they can vote. Even if they are in Alaska, they can vote. One email
address, one vote is the rule.

Here are the categories I'm competing in:

Local instrumentalist: Sensitive Chaos (Jim Combs)
Local electronic act: Sensitive Chaos (Jim Combs)
Local experimental music act: Sensitive Chaos (Jim Combs)

Here's where to register and vote.

As background, my band TouchXtone won Best electronic act back a
couple of years ago. 20 or 30 votes won us that. It means alot of
publicity value and has bragging rights for a year or two.

Here are another few voting suggestions if you need help voting
getting the 10 vote selections made:

Local vocalist: Sue Wilkinson
Local indie-rock act: Moresight
Local country music act: Chickens & Pigs
Local singer/songwriter: Blake Guthrie
Local blues act: Brad Jones
Local folk act: Blake Guthrie
Local label: ISP
Local recording studio: Southern Tracks
Georgia-based music blog: Cable and Tweed
Concert venue: Variety Playhouse
Place to hear local music: Aurora Coffee/Criminal Records Songwriters
Outdoor music venue: Chastain Park
Place to hear free music: Aurora Coffee/Criminal Records Songwriters

Thanks in advance!