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Subject: Re: Patch Modules

From: "Mark T" <mmt@...
Date: 1999-07-10

This is an interesting thread! - Patch Panels.

From what I've seen, everyone has their own configuration as to how this
should be done, also everyone has their own MOTM configuration!

I dont think that there can be a standard established here as to wiring

From what I've seen, everyone on the list is extremely well versed in synth
technology and layout, and we on the list are all very individual as are our
systems. Perhaps a "User Configurable" panel is in order.

Paul has done an outstanding job with the layout of the MOTM Modules, and I
for one appreciate the continuity of the design element. He designed the
modules with the jacks at the bottom to avoid what has apparently become an
with "stacked" modules.

Gentlemen, there is only one solution:

Keep your patchcords Stiff! , And vote for the 5 Space 1 (or 2) unit

Also, IMHO , I think its too late to start to introduce "colored jacks" into
the MOTM system. If this was the intended layout design, then the silk
screening also should have followed this convention.

PS. Anyone want to buy my MOTM-940 Patch Panel?

"Colors? Colors? - - - We Don't Need No Stinkin Colors! We make the
colors with our music!

Mark T