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Subject: Re: between the lines...

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-06-22

1) First, the cracks between the panels are there ∗on purpose∗. The reason
is if you don't
do that, the dirt/dust/cat hair all gets sucked in through the jack holes!
The gaps allow
the airflow to pass mainly this way, and not sucking dirt all over the
jacks. (and you guys just
thought I couldn't design sheet metal) .

2) Althought I haven't look for any in 20 years, ChartPak used to make this
thin white "ArtTape"
you could just run along the front edges. In fact, my very first 2600 clone
used this method
(OK I ripped the idea from the MiniMoog panel).

The reason there is not a silkscreened "stripe" down the sides is that it
has to be at least 3/8"
away from the edge and I tried that early on but it looked dorky.

OK so MOTM has the Aries/ARP2500 look.

Look for a big "true" hobby shop and ask for 'T' moulding.

Paul S.
not much sleep and grouchy