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Subject: Re: [motm] Re: Wiard Mini Wave as a 3rd VCO

From: "J.G. Wong" <adaaxs@...>
Date: 2000-08-28

It seems as though everybody who bought the first eight of these things
are MOTMers. I got number one autographed and hand numbered by he
artist. And artist is the word for these things. It quantizes,
distorts and adds harmonics. I am having trouble getting my head around
this thing. It is cool and it works well with a range of gear. It will
be a great MOTM adjunct for hard core sound designers. With the 120 and
the VC switch this will kick.

The kits according to Grant are available but the 8 people who ordered
early are getting completed units as a token of appreciation. These are
very good people. For musicians this synth list and DIY are amazingly
gracious, well mannered and educated.

Gino Wong