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Subject: Re: [motm] Wiard Mini Wave as a 3rd VCO

From: ixqy@...
Date: 2000-08-26

Weird. I just got through turning my MiniWave off and found this email from
you... (cue Twilight Zone intro...)

I'm waiting on my MOTM 300 which is backordered, but I finished building the
420 a couple of hours ago. I set up a patch using the MiniWave, the 420, my
recently built 110 VCA and my not so recently built 800 EG. I used an SH101
as the sound generator and the 800 +OUT to sweep the 420 and the 800 -OUT to
sweep through the wavetable in the MiniWave. I must say that I'm very
impressed! I used the envelope on the SH101 set to a slow attack which cause
some crunchy digital noise to show up due to too low of an input (I guess).
Sounded pretty cool!

Can't wait to get the 300 in to show the MiniWave who's boss! : )

Andrew Sanchez

In a message dated 8/26/00 2:46:55 AM Central Daylight Time,
djthomaswhite@... writes:

> forgot to mention that I got my Wiard Mini Wave module today in the
> grandious Frac Rak format. I am a little dissappointed with the quality of
> the silkscreen and the knob spacing is all tight for a three space
> But, this thing is a VERY cool addition to the MOTM and it makes all kinds
> of clavinet and pulse and random waveshapes. It can even be a quantizer I
> guess, or so it says in the manual. It has an EPROM base and it has 16
> of 16 waves (256 total). There is a list of waveshapes on the wiard web
> page. The env select in lets you roughly snap between all of the 16
> waveforms in a bank like with an LFO or Env Gen.
> Got mine prebuilt and tested (against normal procedure) for the kit price
> because the kit is not happening anymore and I was lucky enough to have
> pre-ordered. Pre built is $200 I think. Who will be the first to MOTM-ify
> this thing? Very nice timbres and smooth tracking as well. Not as low bit
> type of sounds as I would have expected, very quality.
> Thomas White
> PS. I think there is enough room to drill out the 1/8" jacks to add 1/4"
> its up to you. The pots are the 16mm carbon cheapies but the application
> they are in is not as critical as say cutoff on a filter. The locking of
> waves and banks is very accurate as well so I can live with it.
> as if it could be any less obvious